Birth Postpartum Doula japanese
What it’s like to work with me:

I have been honored to support and empower families during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. As a mother and DONA trained birth and postpartum doula, I am passionate about supporting women as they welcome their own little ones into the world.

My goal is to inspire confidence within you and help you to trust in your own ability to give birth and care for your child.

I believe the most important thing I can do as a doula is to listen deeply to ensure your needs are met and you feel fully supported throughout your experience. I listen to learn who you are and what you need so that I can support you and your partner.

Why I became a doula:

My son’s birth showed me the transformative power of birth and just how important this memory is to a mother. I became very passionate about empowering women during birth. The experience of birth affects us in a lasting way. Birth connects us with our power as creators, and sets the foundation for feeling capable and empowered as parents.

After a baby is born, support makes all the difference. With nurturing support and care, mamas are able to have a fulfilling and enjoyable experience of new parenthood. I am passionate about providing what mamas need, mothering new parents as they welcome their babies.

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