Birth/Postpartum Doula

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Congratulations, and welcome to my site!

Birth is something we can prepare for, but cannot predict. Prenatally, I meet with you to support your preparation and learn how best to support you. During labor, I am with you throughout, offering guidance, comfort, and encouragement. I offer a non-judgmental presence, and support you unconditionally as your birth unfolds in the hospital, birth center, or at home.

Welcoming a new baby can be exhausting. Hours of labor end with a little one being placed in your arms, and you become your baby’s source of care 24/7. Sleep, showers, and a good meal can be hard to find. Postpartum, I provide home visits to support you. As a newborn specialist, I take great care of you so you can rest and bond with your baby. If you would like, I offer knowledge on newborn care, sleep and establishing breastfeeding.


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